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    设计师: 朱洋环

    Service 服务

    Interior Design 室内建筑设计

    Sector 领域

    Decorative Materials - Italian Art Coatings 装饰材料 - 意大利进口艺术涂料

    Client 客户



    Challenge 挑战



    The interior architectural design project of Novacolor Brand Experience Store, No. 1 in Huizhou underlines how to conform to the brand concept of Novacolor and the feasibility of the innovative art coating product development. At the same time, the focus of this design project is to break the traditional way of displaying products by shelves, and furthermore create a brand new and exclusive customer experience of Novacolor in order to establish the unique visual and spatial experience of Novacolor Brand Experience Store. Solution


    解决方案 立足于对诺瓦品牌理念与建材行业空间的理解与分析,我们决定为诺瓦营创一所“让品牌直接与顾客对话”的探索空间、对话空间。室内建筑设计工作主要解决三大问题:第一、设计的起点与终点始终聚焦于诺瓦的品牌理念;第二、设计语言元素紧密围绕诺瓦产品特性;第三、功能取舍与构成形式要实现“产品即空间,空间即产品”。

    Based on the understanding and analysis of Novacolor’brand concept and the space of building materials industry, we decide to create an exploration and dialogue space for Novacolor to "enable the brand directly talk to customers". The interior architectural design mainly solves three problems: first, the starting point and ending point of the design always focus on the brand concept of Novacolor ; second, the design language and elements centers closely on the product features; third, the selection and composition of functions should achieve the goal that "product is space, space is product". Customer Reviews


    客户评价 设计师打破传统的展厅形式,选择用产品筑造空间营造氛围的方式,更直接地诠释了品牌的理念,展示了产品的魅力,也恰到好处地传递了我对市场对客户对环保对品质的态度。但对我而言,最大的收获是在和设计师沟通的过程当中,深受启发,进一步明确了自己未来的经营模式。展厅完工投入使用50天以来,吸引无数路人驻足,来参观的设计师、业主络绎不绝,对设计对产品均赞叹不已,给予了极高的评价,同时也引发了大家对空间美学的更多探讨。感谢设计师用精心创意为涂料与空间与生活与设计创建了一个无与伦比的对话环境。 —— 吴冠桦,坤亚实业创办人,2021年01月01日


    The designer breaks the traditional form of exhibition hall and chooses the way of building space with products to create a certain atmosphere, which directly interprets the concept of the brand, shows the charm of products, and also properly conveys my attitude towards the market, customers, environmental protection and quality.But for me, the biggest harvest is that, in the process of communication with designers, I was deeply inspired and further specified my future business model. Over the 50 days since the exhibition hall was completed and put into use, it has attracted numerous passersby. Designers and customers came to visit it in an endless flow, praising the design and products and giving high comments. Meanwhile, it has also triggered more discussions on space aesthetics. Thank the designer for creating an unparalleled dialogue environment for paint, space, life and design with meticulous creativity. —— Guanhua Wu, Kunya Industry Founder,01/01/2021


    Design Strategy 设计创作策略
    意大利高端艺术涂料品牌Novacolor于1982年成立,受益于其极具直觉和创造力的管理及精心选材,迅速发展, 为世界各地的建筑师和设计师提供内外墙全系列的质感效果, 石灰基以及用于现代城镇或历史古镇的艺术涂料。Novacolor品牌体验店惠州首店的室内建筑设计工作,委托于惠州极具创造力与高品质出品的LICO力高设计。
    Novacolor, a high-end Italian art paint brand, was founded in 1982. Thanks to its intuitive and creative management and careful selection of materials, Novacolor has developed rapidly, providing architects and designers around the world with a full range of texture effects, lime base and art paint for modern towns or historic towns. The interior architecture design of Novacolor Brand Experience Store, the first one in Huizhou, was commissioned by the highly creative and high-quality LICO Design.
    创新力、高品质、对话是LICO力高设计的灵魂,基于Novacolor品牌客群以建筑师与设计师为主体,Novacolor对创新型、直觉、可行性、品质的品牌追求,以及LICO主张的50%DESIGN的设计理念等多维度考量下,“探索与对话”成为Novacolor品牌体验店室内建筑设计工作的核心理念,LICO将空间主题命名为“Between Worlds”,意为两个世界之间的互相探索与对话:涂料与建筑、直线与曲线、宇宙与人类、内与外、虚与实、个体与整体、品牌与顾客… …设计语言、元素及表达围绕Novacolor产品特性“自然肌理色彩”而展开。
    Innovation, high quality and dialogue is the soul of LICO Design. Taking into account that architects and designers are the dominant clients of Novacolor,and the brand pursuit of Novacolor is focused on innovation, intuition, feasibility and quality, as well as the 50% DESIGN concept of LICO,〝exploration and dialogue〞has become the core concept for the interior architectural design of Novacolor Brand Experience Store. The space theme is named Between Worlds by LICO, meaning mutual exploration and dialogue between two worlds: paint and architecture, line and curve, universe and human, inside and outside, virtual and real, individual and whole, brand and customer etc.. The design language, elements and expressions all develop from Novacolor's product features,〝nature, texture and color".
    Novacolor Store·Huizhou,LICO设计团队将Novacolor的产品与特性最大程度的直接运用到建筑外观、室内建筑以及空间装置上,希望区别于传统的产品展示方式,通过产品的直接运用,让访客和顾客可以直接与品牌对话。Novacolor品牌理念和产品特性借由建筑空间直接传递,以释放访客和顾客的自主性与选择权,访客与顾客自主自然地完成探索、感知、对话、认同、选择的过程。
    Novacolor Store·Huizhou,The LICO Design team directly applies Novacolor's products and features to the architecture's appearance, interior architecture and spatial installation to the maximum extent. With the direct application of products, we hope to distinguish from the traditional way of product display and enable the visitors and customers talk directly with the brand. The brand concept and product features of Novacolor are directly conveyed by the architectural space to release the autonomy and choice of visitors and customers, who naturally complete the process of exploration, perception, dialogue, identification and selection.

    Project Information项目信息

    项目名称     诺瓦品牌体验店惠州首店

    Entry name  NOVACOLOR STORE·Huizhou

    设计方       LICO

    Designer    力高设计


    Company Website

    项目设计 & 完成年份   2020.12

    Project Design & Completion Year  2020.12







    Main Creative & Design Team.

    Main creative design: Eric Chon

    Design team: Zhu Yanghuan, Lin Feng, Dong Huabin, Luo Qiuyue.

    Technical Director: Xian Jinghua.

    Construction execution: He Changhui.

    项目地址     惠州市惠城区演达二路

    Project Address  Yanda 2nd Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City

    建筑面积    130平方米

    Built-up Area  130㎡

    摄影版权  隐象建筑摄影 | 欧阳云

    Photography Copyright  Ouyang Yun

    客户     坤亚欧洲建材

    Customer  KUNYA

    品牌 诺瓦

    Brand  Novacolor


    Building Left View - worlds window © LICO 建筑左视图 – 世界之窗

    Building Left View - worlds window © LICO 建筑左视图 – 世界之窗

    Building Front View – Between Worlds © LICO 建筑正视图 – 世界之间

    Building Front View – Between Worlds © LICO 建筑正视图 – 世界之间

    Building Front View – Between Worlds © LICO 建筑正视图 – 世界之间

    Building Front View – Between Worlds © LICO 建筑正视图 – 世界之间

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